Milad Čerkić

Milad Čerkić

Atlantbh d.o.o. Sarajevo , CEO
Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Atlantbh, company he founded more than 20 years ago, Milad worked with some of the most admired Fortune 500 companies, turning ideas into working products, limitations into solutions, while utilizing authentic Bosnian resources and human capital.

However, Milad attributes much of the success of his company to the people that make up the Atlantbh team. This is why he constantly strives towards creating a better work environment. With flexible work hours, unlimited vacation, one-on-one mentorship programs and personal evaluations with a more humanistic approach, Milad seeks innovation even in internal business practices to better benefit the people working with him.

He is actively involved in BIT Alliance, leading organization of the software industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, devoted to education and development of job opportunities in tech.

Milad is a strong believer that talent and intelligence may be spread evenly across the planet, but opportunity is not.